Matthew W Smith

I specialize in photographing people, especially authors and corporate . I also love photographing architecture, interiors and products. I am a print expert.

I usually photograph people in their environment. My aim is to make the process as quick and as relaxed as possible, to let my subject(s) feel at ease by creating a friendly and condusive atmosphere. I obviously pay special attention to relevant composition and lighting. The end result - photographs that place a person in context and capture their personality.

All my equipment is top of the range; 35mm digital (Canon), medium format (Hasselblad/Leaf) digital or film and large format (Cambo/Toyo). I have my own comprehensve sets of pack and head (Profoto, Broncolor, Bowens), monobloc (Bowens), tungsten (Arri) and HMI (Broncolor, Elinchrom) with the usual accessories (softbox, beauty dish, ringflash, giant/PAR reflector, snoot etc) and portable packs (Broncolor, Profoto, Bowens) for location work. That's over 12,000 Watt Seconds, if needed! So no hidden equipment hire expenses.

I was born in London and studied photography at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts, London), achieving a Distinction in Professional Photography Practice. I was also educated at the London Metropolitan University (marketing) and Vassar College, USA. I have spent 17 years abroad in France, the Czech Republic and Italy (competent in all languages, and a bit of English!).

My rates are standard Association of Photographers (negotiable).

I am on time, professional and good to work with.

So if you like what you've seen here, have any projects in mind (no matter how "out there" or sensible) and need a photographer, please don't hesitate to contact me :

Phone: +44(0)789 422 7937

eMail :


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